Sea Monsters in the Age of Dinosaurs

November 21st, 2019, doors open at 6.30pm, lecture begins at 7.00pm

$5.00 per person, members Free

2019 Fall Lecture Series: ‘Sea Monsters in the Age of Dinosaurs’ by Danielle J. Serratos

Danielle J. Serratos’ lecture will focus on Mesozoic marine reptiles and their modern counterparts in media and folklore. Depictions of mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs are strewn throughout the history of cinema from “Behemoth the Sea Monster” in 1959 to the show-stealing mosasaur in Jurassic World (2015). We’ll discuss these ancient sea monsters in comparison to their silver screen appearances, explore the perpetuation of folklore associated around tales like the Loch Ness monster, and discover the realities of how these ancient animals lived millions of years ago.

Danielle J. Serratos is the Director/Curator of the Fundy Geological Museum and has been an educator in Earth Sciences for more than a decade. She previously was the Assistant Director of the Museum of Geology in Rapid City, South Dakota and worked as a preparator at the University of Alaska Museum of the North where she named a new species of plesiosaur from Montana. Serratos loves reading sci fi and fantasy novels, scuba diving, and helping her spouse raise their two daughters to be amazing human beings.

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