Planters and Grantees of Cobequid, Nova Scotia, 1761-1780
(2 volumes)
by Carol Campbell and James F. Smith

Emphasis on individual Planter families. Arranged alphabetically by surname, this two-volume set sketches every grantee and planter who can be documented to have lived in Cobequid during the period. An initial paragraph provides details of a Planter’s origins and pre-immigration career. A middle section contains abstracts and quotes selected or adapted from available documentation for the years 1761-1780. A third paragraph includes family data and outlines the individual’s career following 1780.

Price: $40.00 per single volume or $80.00 per two-volume set.
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Necessaries and Sufficiencies: Planter Society in Londonderry, Onslow and Truro Townships, 1761-1780
by Carol Campbell and James F. Smith

Necessaries and Sufficiencies is a social, political, cultural and material microhistory of 18th-century daily life in the district of Cobequid, now part of Colchester County.  Eight vignettes from a cross-section of immigrants detail migration and settlement and the evolution of New England and Irish cultural mores in this wilderness setting. Occupations of both men and women, family and religious life, educational and social institutions, health care, commercial links and more.  A separate section chronicles Cobequid’s reaction to the American Revolutionary War.

Nominated for two Atlantic Book Awards
Published by Cape Breton University Press, Sydney, NS.
Price: $25.00