Past Exhibits

130 Years: Celebrating the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce

July 14, 2020-Autumn 2020
Presented in collaboration with the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce







Vanguard: 150 Years of Remarkable Nova Scotians

Thursday, October 17, 2019- Friday, March 27, 2020

Vanguard highlights the contributions of 32 people who changed and inspired Nova Scotia, from 1867-2017. Objects and photographs from the Historeum’s collection complement this exhibit developed by the Nova Scotia Museum.


Celebrating Portia White

Saturday, May 11, 2019 – Friday, October 11, 2019

A new exhibit in collaboration with Portia’s niece, Shelia White of Toronto, the exhibit will feature a collection of photographs, portraits, vintage recordings, and treasured personal items.





A Taste of Science – February 12-April 19, 2019

Have you ever wondered why food spoils?

A Taste of Science highlights the role science plays in delaying food decay and keeping food nutritious and safe for us to eat. In this engaging experience, immerse yourself in an oversized “pantry” and discover what makes food spoil, and different food preservation techniques. Visitors will find lots to feed their mind and imagination on the menu!

This scientific display is complemented by photographs and artifacts from the Historeum’s collection demonstrating historic methods of food preservation that were used in Colchester County.

A Taste of Science was developed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in partnership with the Government of Canada and Bernardin. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. This exhibit was generously sponsored by Grinner’s Food Systems Limited of Truro, Nova Scotia.

Colchester on Ice

An exhibit that tells the story of our early rinks, skating, hockey and much more!





Traveling Circuses and Other Entertainments

An exhibit on some of the exciting and bizarre acts
that visited Colchester County in the late 19th and
early 20th centuries.






Colchester to the Rescue

Opening Saturday, October 21 at 2:00pm. This exhibit will reveal how the residents of Colchester County stepped forward to help after the explosion in Halifax Harbour, on December 6, 1917. It will feature stories from many communities throughout the County.


Debert Photo Exhibit

Debert photo exhibit inspired by An Historical Miscellany of Debert & Area by Stacey McCully Culgin.







HMCS Truro & her local Connections

This display explores the local connections of the HMCS Truro. In particular, the staff and students of the Junior High School’s support of the ship will be examined. The display is dedicated to the memory of the officers and men of the HMCS Truro and to Jack Sterling.



Colchester at Confederation: Sir Adams G. Archibald and His World

Visit our exhibit celebrating Truro and
Colchester County in 1867 – learn about
the legacy of Adams Archibald, our
Father of Confederation.






Colchester Women

On the Trails in Colchester County

Our new exhibit at the Colchester Historeum called “On the Trails in Colchester County,” introduces you to more than forty trails of natural heritage.  The exhibits includes animal and bird mounts, as well as materials about the insect and plant life you may encounter on the trails. See the several maps and photos.

Here in Colchester you can walk to your heart’s content beside seacoasts and salt marshes. Hike through gorges to waterfalls in the hills. Run like the wind through hemlocks. Bike on historic railways where train whistles used to blow. Stroll beside wonderful wetlands. Relax by a shaded brook or a tidal bay.

As Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, discover more than 150 km of walking, hiking and cycling trails throughout Colchester: our local, diverse and beautiful part of Canada.

Truro: Then & Now

A photograph exhibit of Truro curated by six Cobequid Educational Centre students.







Think Spring

Enjoy a display featuring Easter
cards dating from 1880s – 1920s.







Camp Debert: The Impact of Building a Base

camp-debert-poster-picture-compressedVisit our 3rd floor exhibit to see the story of the changes that came about in Colchester County due to the construction of this Second World War base.




The No. 2 Construction Battalion

no-2-construction-battalion-compressedVisit our exhibit on Canada’s only battalion composed of black soldiers in the First World War, many from the Truro area. Includes many photos never displayed before.




Sea Captains of the Cobequid Shore

Sea Captains Image 2016The exhibit will be feature artifacts, photos, correspondence, log books, maps and navigational aids — all relating to the days when vessels built in this part of Nova Scotia and staffed by Bluenosers sailed to all corners of the world. One special aspect of the exhibit will look at the wives and families that accompanied the Captains and faced difficult circumstances on these voyages.


How Colchester Women Helped Win the War: 1939 ­- 1945


With the world at war, all the rules changed. Most of the young men were in the military and women were expected to take on unusual roles. This exhibit is dedicated to the brave and resourceful women in Colchester who stepped up and contributed to the war effort in many ways during the years 1939­ to 1945.



Fleeing a Crumbling Empire: A New Life In Colchester

casam harb low res

This exhibit tells the story of immigrants from Lebanon and Syria who arrived in Colchester County at the beginning of the 20th century. They enriched life in Nova Scotia and achieved success in many fields. Through stories, photographs, and artifacts, we will share the narrative of their immigration, the businesses they established and their accomplishments.


Power to Do: Science at the Normal College

Power to Do revisits the history of the Normal College Science Building, the site of today’s museum and archives.  This new exhibit looks at early 20th-century science, history and architecture in Truro and explores the lives of students and teachers.




Colchester Keeps in Touch

The stories behind our mail, post offices,
stagecoaches, inns and livery stables.

1990_9_1_representation_3732_original 500 wideThis exhibit traced the development of some of the ways we kept in touch from the 18th century until the present.







Colchester’s Children (1850’s – 1950’s)

A history of photography, focused on the children of Colchester County’s past. This exhibit presents some of the finest (and cutest) photos we have in our collection. It also gives a nod to the techniques and technologies that would have been used to take these wonderful depictions.


For King and Country: Colchester’s Great War 1914-1918

ww1 soldiers edited 1300Many photographs, letters and other documents from the period 1914-1918 are held in the Colchester County Historical Archives. These, along with ongoing research, will be the basis for an exhibit opening at the Colchester Historeum on October 18 at 2 p.m. In conjunction with the exhibit, a series of excellent speakers will present talks associated with the conflict.



Brookfield Lumber

Then and Now

This exhibit explores the history of the Brookfield Lumber Company. Over the years the company has transformed itself several times and we have striven to present that story though pictures, text, and a lumber mill model.




The Lewis Family

Truro’s Titans of Industry (Winter/Spring 2014)

Visit our exhibit which focuses on the various manufacturing enterprises of the Lewis family from the 1830’s to the 1970’s: shoe making supplies, shipping and shipbuilding, lumbering, hats and clothing. Enjoy our dress up corner and let your kids have a “hats on” experience.





Inglis Street: Onions to Opera

Onions to Opera features wonderful early photos, rare artefacts from the period, and profiles of businesses that sold things that ranged from groceries to the latest fashions.The inspiration for the exhibit was the 1896 appearance of Houdini at Gunn’s Opera House on Inglis Street. A lot of research was done for the display base on old copies of Truro Daily News telling of new constructions, store openings, sales and, sadly from time to time disastrous fires. Like so many wooden buildings of the era, Gunn’s Opera House was destroyed by fire on Oct.1,1901.

Exhibit developed by the Elinor Maher and the Exhibit Development Committee.

100 Years of 4-H Green

100 Years of 4-H Green celebrates the 100 year anniversary of 4-H in Canada. Through this exhibit 4-H groups from around Colchester County have come together to showcase their history and achievements. Featured in the DeWolfe room this exhibit does big things with a small space.

Exhibit on until October 12, 2013.

Exhibit developed by various 4-H groups from Colchester County.


Stitches Over Time: A Retrospective of the Past 30 Years

Stitches Over Time is an exhibit which celebrates the 30 years the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts have been a part of Colchester County. There are over 250 piece on display using techniques ranging from canvas work, black work, cross stitching, hardanger, and more.

As an added bonus every Wednesday until September 25, 2013 (excluding July 24) there will be a representative on hand from the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts at the Historeum to demonstrate a needle art technique.

Exhibit developed by the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts.

The Sweet Taste of Heritage

Local Confections from Robertson’s Candy

Colchester Today series (2012)

The Colchester Today series examines local enterprises which innovate and enhance our community.William C. Robertson founded Robertson’s Candy in Truro in 1928, after having worked in the candy business for almost two decades. Now carried on by William’s Son, Roy Robertson, it’s the largest family-owned hard candy factory left in Nova Scotia. Their fine quality candy line-ups range from old and new favorites available seasonally and year round.


A Camera on the Banks


Let the unique photographs of Frederick William Wallace transport you to the last days of Nova Scotia’s schooners under sail. Come aboard Albert J. Lutz, Dorothy M. Smart, Dorothy G. Snow, and the famous Effie M. Morrissey; meet Captains John Apt, Harry Ross, Ansel Snow, and Arthur Longmire; and join dory mates Jim Tidd and Judson Handspiker. With them battle the winds of the Atlantic and set trawl in high seas. Haul a 300-pound halibut and see decks awash with cod. Catch this moment before it is gone.

Exhibit developed by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Points of Interest


Over a 10-year span, Truro artist Daniel Hoare has explored the technique of pointillism—using a multitude of small, distinct dots to depict his subject matter.  Lately, he has turned his eye towards the built heritage assets of Truro.  According to Daniel “we haven’t preserved as many heritage buildings as we could have.  Everyone seems to want something new”.

Dirt & Discovery

Unearthing Ancient Colchester


Dirt and Discovery explores the prehistoric peoples of Colchester and their way of life.  The exhibit features replica stone and bone tools, pottery, and photos and documents detailing the original excavations of the Debert site. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to explore this early time period and find out more about valuable archaeological sites close to home.

A Tale of Two Jubilees


Learn about Queen Elizabeth’s 60 year reign and how local Colchester residents celebrated Queen Victoria back in 1897, through pictures, news, and Royal memorabilia





Out of the Woodwork


A story of community, creativity, and connection with the land, Out of the Woodwork chronicles the efforts of a people to craft an economy and build an entire society out of the vast and daunting forest that surrounded them.




Built by the Bay

Sound Innovations from Instrument Concepts


The Colchester Today series examines local enterprises which innovate and enhance our community. This edition highlights the work of Great Village’s Instrument Concepts, creators of underwater acoustic monitoring equipment.  Instrument Concepts uses the Bay of Fundy as a laboratory to develop advanced products which are used around the world.

For the Love of Our Lighthouses

Lyndia Baird-Wellwood


“As I passed through Queensport in Guysborough County, I was overcome by the beauty of the deep blues of the ocean, the ever-changing clouds, and the feeling of mystery surrounding the Queensport lighthouse. Who lived there? What was life like for the keepers who gave us protection over the years”?

-Lyndia Baird-Wellwood



New Beginners

Planters in Cobequid 1761-1780

June – December 2011

A new look at 18th century life in Cobequid

Travel back to the time of the Planters — the first English-speaking people to settle the Cobequid coast of Nova Scotia.  Discover how these industrious “New Beginners” developed a thriving linen manufacturer well-known across the Atlantic and cultivated lasting roots in Colchester County that can still be seen today.


Knit Into The Fabric of Colchester

January 22 – April 2 2011

Discover the impact of the Stanfield family, including their contributions to built heritage, the Canadian clothing industry, and the political landscape of their day. Learn about the long johns, the politicians and the factory workers in an exhibit of photos and memorabilia.






History of Starr Skates

Winter 2011

A winter display that traces the history of the Starr Manufacturing Company of Dartmouth.





The Planters Choose Cobequid


The year 2011 marks the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Planters–the first English-speaking settlers of the region. Learn about the social and economic factors that drew these founding families from New England and Ireland to the Cobequid coast of Central and Northern Nova Scotia.






Victoria Park

A Cultural Landscape

Summer – Fall 2010

A celebration of Truro’s 123-year-old wilderness
park featuring local photography, artwork, video,
and natural history.