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The Relationship between the Mi’kmaw People & the Fisheries: A Historical Perspective

For those of you who are looking for some factual information regarding Mi’kmaw history and the Treaties, Our Archivist has written a brief historical perspective of the relationship between Mi’kmaq, Settlers, and the fisheries. There is a lot of misinformation and hearsay floating around out there so we’re hoping this will help clarify things a bit and offer a different perspective on things—and show how valuable primary source documents (and archives) can be for understanding our past. The write up is now available on our website—check it out here!

The image you see here is an oil painting, attributed to John Poad Drake ca. 1835. As you can see, Mi’kmaq are trading fish in the foreground and a Mi’kmaq canoe is depicted to the left of the image. Poad painted a busy setting along the shores near the heart of Halifax, suggesting that Mi’kmaq were historically a part of daily trade with the Settlers, particularly with regards to the fishery.

Source: National Gallery of Canada (acc no. 9978)

The Relationship between the Mi’kmaw People and the Fisheries: A Historical Perspective


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