Historeum Lecture Series

Each year, the Colchester Historeum hosts a series of talks relating to different aspects of Colchester County. A guest speaker is chosen because of expertise in topics relating to Colchester county. During the past few years many speakers have been authors who conducted historical research and have written books on their findings.

2020 Lectures

  • A Shift in Perspective: Tattoo Culture with Alicia Simms (rescheduled, please visit Upcoming Events)
  • The No.2 Construction Battalion (The Black Battalion) with Douglas Ruck
  • History of Wrestling in Nova Scotia with Andre Myette

2019 Lectures

  • Sea Monsters in the Age of Dinosaurs with Danielle J. Serratos
  • Are All Mushrooms Magic? Mycology & Foraging in Nova Scotia with Bruce Grey
  • Exploring Hidden Areas of Nova Scotia with Jon Guy and Ashley Sutherland
  • Rocks and Crystals of Nova Scotia with Ashley Sutherland
  • Joe Ballard: House Names of Truro
  • Dawson Lecture: Peter Ludlow ‘There is no more practical way of saluting the flag, than to send a boy to Truro”: The Agricultural Scholarships of 1925 and the Birth of the Antigonish Movement

2018 Lectures

  • Benoit Lalonde – Waterfalls of Nova Scotia
  • Dr. Allan Marble – The Impact of the Spanish Influenza on Nova Scotia, 1918-1920
  • Joan Watson (CBC Marketplace) & Murray Creed (CBC Country Canada) – The Accidental FarmerWho was the real hero of The Story of Ross Farm? 
  • Joe Ballard – Fairy Dells & Rustic Bowers: The Creation of Victoria Park
  • Craig Johnson- Historic & Cultural Perspectives on Death, Dying, & Grief
  • Dawson Lecture: Dr. John Grant – Gems of Remembrance
  • Carol Campbell and James F. Smith – The Provincial Normal School, A Biographical Record, 1855-1869.
  • Jeffery Ward- From Colchester to Rochester: Thomas Henry Blair and the Birth of Amateur Photography
  • Dale Swan- Anna Swan and P. T. Barnum – Colchester’s Giantess & the Greatest Showman

2017 Lectures

  • Stacey McCully Culgin – An Historical Miscellany of Debert & Area
  • Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost – Steal Away Home
  • Nevin Jackson and David Carter – Heroes & Hockey Sticks
  • Dr. Alan Marble – “The Scene of a Triumph of Surgery: The Response of the Nova Scotia Doctors and Nurses to the Halifax Explosion.”
  • Dr. Nancy Vogan – Mary’s ‘Ale Wifs Pater Noister’: The story of ‘Mary Miller Her Book’ and similar manuscript tunebooks
  • A J B Johnston – 150 Years of Remarkable Nova Scotians
  • Syd Dumaresq – Some of the Oldest Houses in English Canada
  • Alex Boutilier – Entertainment & Sport in Halifax to the Time of Confederation
  • Dawson Lecture: Jim Smith and Carol Campbell – Forrester’s Normalities: Who Changed the World in Which They Lived
  • Dr. Stephen Henderson – The Life and Failures of a Forgotten Father of Confederation, P.S. Hamilton

2016 Lectures

  • Janet Maybee – Myths and Realities of the Halifax Explosion
  • Brian Tennyson – The Experience of Nova Scotian Soldiers During the Great War
  • Elinor Mahar and Stacey Culgin – Camp Debert: The Impact of Building a Base
  • Nick and Evan Densmore – The Katie Belle
  • Bob Taylor – The Milk Can Age
  • David Mossman – Oceans of Rum
  • Stephen Mahar – Salvage
  • Bill Casey – The Exile Begins: The Story of the Acadians of Beaubassin