“New Beginners”: Planters in Cobequid 1761-1780

What drew them here to Cobequid?  What traces did they leave behind? Opening May 7th, the Colchester Historical Museum displays “New Beginners”: Planters in Cobequid 1761-1780, an exploration of the first English-speaking people to settle along the Cobequid coast of Nova Scotia.  The exhibit runs throughout 2011, marking the 250th anniversary of the Planter arrival in the region.  Visitors will see history come to life at a 2pm exhibit opening, as members and friends of the Cobequid Planters 250 Society portray historic Planter characters in full costume.

Arriving in 1761, roughly six years after the Expulsion of the Acadians, the Planters worked the land, practiced many trades, and helped life and society to grow in Cobequid.  These “New Beginners” developed a thriving linen manufactory and cultivated lasting roots in Colchester County that can still be seen today.

The term “Planter” refers to government-sponsored settlers who were “planted” on specific lands.  The Planters of Cobequid were primarily artisans and traders from New England and Ireland who were directed to what became the Townships of Londonderry, Onslow and Truro.

Other Information

Exhibit opens Saturday, May 7th at 2pm and runs until the end of 2011

Admission: $2 for adults and $1 for youth

Museum hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm & Saturday 1pm-4pm

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