Talk: Captain Cook in Atlantic Canada

When: October 27 at 7:30pm

The Colchester Historical Society’s October program will feature an illustrated talk on October 27th by Jerry Lockett, author of the new book Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada: The adventurer and map maker’s formative years.

The skills, knowledge and experience that took Captain James Cook to the South Seas and around the world seemed to come out of nowhere. In fact, as author Jerry Lockett has discovered, their foundation was laid during the time he spent in Atlantic Canada. His experiences on Canada’s east coast and the naval men he met there shaped him to become one of the most successful explorers of all time.

Cook arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1758 as a competent but undistinguished warrant officer in Britain’s Royal Navy. Over the next nine years he learned the complex skill of navigation and prepared many detailed maps of the coastline and key harbours. He left with the skills and reputation that made him an obvious choice to lead a voyage of exploration to the far side of the world.

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