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Planter burying grounds

In quiet corners of Colchester County more than a dozen graveyards contain the remains of the Planters who arrived here during the 18th century. These cemeteries are beautiful, peaceful burying grounds tended with care—some of the prettiest places you can imagine.

Carol Campbell and Jim Smith, local historians and authors of several volumes about Cobequid Planters, compiled a list of almost 200 names of men and women who arrived on these shores, beginning in 1761, from New England and Ireland to found the townships of Truro, Onslow and Londonderry.

During May and June of 2011 five separate events were held, visiting more than a dozen graveyards from Upper Stewiacke to Economy to place commemorative flags. This was the Cobequid Planters 250 Society’s way of honouring these brave individuals. In many cases we were able to arrange to have a representative of the descendants place the flag.  Society members attended each event in 18th century attire.

Society member Jacqueline Archibald created a resource binder featuring each gravesite marked with a Planter flag. Jacqueline and Judy Graham took all of the photos in Colchester cemeteries, recording the information about the individuals being honoured.

In addition to this copy of the binder, a master copy will be kept in the Colchester Historical Society Archives and additional copies are in various locations around the County.
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[pullquote]On behalf of the Cock family, I want to pass this on to you and committee members for the celebration organized last Saturday to honor our ancestors. The ten of us who attended were so pleased to be there. Afterwards we went to Saltscapes to talk some more and enjoy their marvelous food! Thank you for the work you do.[/pullquote]

Carol (Cock) MacKay

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  1. Stacey Culgin says:

    Great Pictures everyone!! It was a really fun event to be a part of. Stacey

  2. Bernard F (Bernie) Miller says:

    I am a direct descendant of Alexander Miller one of the original settlers of the Truro/Londonderry area. I have heard about plans to mark the 250th anniversary of the founding. I am aware of many other of the Truro Millers who over ther years have settled in Cape Breton and Halifax who would probably be interested in participating in the celebrations.

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