Colchester Diversity Film Series

The 2011 Year of the Planters has given us an extensive look at 18th-Century Cobequid society and the lives of the first English-speaking settlers in our region.  Settlement of Colchester County continues into the 21st century with the arrival of many newcomers. In this spirit, a new Colchester Diversity Film Series will shed some light on the background of those who now call Colchester home.

Organized by CoRDA and the Colchester Historical Museum, this community program presents cultural documentaries and discussions.  We encourage all groups and ages to come out and develop a broader understanding of people and cultures.  Admission is free and food bank donations are gratefully accepted.

NFB film The Water Bearer will be presented at the Museum on October 23rd.  The quest for fresh water leads Indonesians of Catholic and Muslim descent to work together, along with Quebecer Gilles Raymond, to establish direct democracy. The Water Bearer is a road movie in which solidarity overcomes defeatism, and generosity wins over corruption.