Colchester County’s Fort Belcher

This month’s Society meeting will feature a public talk by Beth MacMichael entitled Studying Fort Belcher. MacMichael, a native of the area and a student of genealogy and history, will tell the story of Fort Belcher and its families and discuss her project to encourage high school students to examine local history through essay.

When: September 22nd at 7:30pm


[pullquote]Fort Belcher is a small stockadoed fort, situated on an eminence between the river Chegonois and that of Cobiquid, and was formerly built to awe, and curb the incursions of the Mickmack Indians, but was now abandoned, and going fast to ruin; as the cause of the establishment and maintenance of this post no longer existed. The Chegonois and Cobiquid rivers have each a communication by a portage, of no great extent, with Tatamagushe on the northern shore, opposite the Island of St. John; and the tide flows about seven miles up the Cobiquid.  Near the fort lives one Upham, a New Englandman, who has a considerable tract of land granted to him here, and is a Justice of the Peace for the district:  His wife baked us a large batch of bread, our biscuit being all expended, and they supplied us pretty reasonably with sheep, butter, milk, and a quantity of potatoes.  They offered to accommodate Sir Thomas and I, with beds in the house, but as we made a point of bearing our share, in every hardship or difficulty, with the people, and the night proved very rainy and tempestuous, we all lay in clean straw, in the old barracks of Fort Belcher. [/pullquote]

Royal Navy Officer William Owen, 1767



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