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2011 being celebrated as Year of the Planters in Cobequid (1761-2011)

TRURO – A two-day conference in June, a historic re-enactment in July and a full year of dress up are in store for many Colchester County residents as they celebrate the Year of the Planters in Cobequid (1761-2011).

Dressed in reproduction clothing, members of the Cobequid Planters 250 Society celebrated the arrival of 2011 – the Year of the Planters – by attending New Year’s Day levees in the Truro area on Jan. 1.

The society members were officially kicking off the 250th anniversary of the first arrivals of English-speaking settlers from New England and Ireland to communities along the Cobequid Bay. Many events are planned for 2011, including a two-day conference with entertainment and guest speakers on June 10 and 11 and a historic re-enactment July 9 and 10.

Volunteers are also using an $8,500 grant from the Canadian Heritage Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Program to hold public workshops and events to create and display reproduction Planter clothing. The first public costuming event will be held Friday, Jan. 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and include a public talk earlier in the day followed by a hands-on workshop, all at the Colchester Historical Society Museum.

This year-long program is viewed as a legacy project because the costumes will be kept at the Colchester Museum and be available for use by individuals and community groups for years to come.

Other Planters 250 activities include: A Truro Art Society Planter art exhibit in February, the placement of specially designed flags on 200 Planter graves in May, a major display at the Colchester Historical Society Museum, historic walk along the Cobequid Trail with the Central Nova Volksport Club, and an opportunity to research Planter roots at the Colchester Archives.

Planning for this upcoming year of celebration began in 2009 and involved a number of activities throughout 2010. Those included: Launch of Cobequid Planters 250 Web Site; launch of 250 Things to Do in Cobequid Campaign; proclamation by Mayors of Truro and the Municipality of the County of Colchester of 2010-2011 as Years of the Planters; and small Planter display at the Colchester Historical Society Museum.

For Information:
Ken Henderson
, Chairman
Cobequid Planters 250 Society Website

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