Ryan McLellan is wrapping up his internship at the end of this month. Over the past year, he has been working in the Archives, sorting, recording, researching, describing, and rehousing our vast collection of Colchester County school registers. Additionally, he has digitized registers which are over 100 years old, to allow greater public access. The registers less than 100 years old are also accessible, but with restrictions due to privacy.

This project focused on the preservation and accessibility of a valuable resource and will be continued in years to come. Ryan has rehoused almost 6,000 registers into 200 new boxes and scanned over 4,800 pages. A new in-house database allows faster access for archive staff, and select scans and descriptions are soon to be uploaded to MemoryNS.ca

The Colchester Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by Library and Archives Canada under the Documentary Heritage Communities Program.