Acadian Heritage in Colchester

After the arrival of French colonists in Mi’kma’ki in 1604, the French Acadians became the first non-Indigenous Settlers of Nova Scotia, which was known to the French as Acadie. In 1697, the first Acadian families began to settle in the Cobequid region. During the 1700s, Cobequid was primarily populated by Mi’kmaq and Acadians, and many intercultural interactions occurred throughout the region. 

By 1748, there were approximately 150 Acadian families living in the Cobequid area; their settlements are indicated on this map. Acadian community growth continued until the Expulsion of the Acadians began in 1755.

For further historical details, consult this page:

The following map was created in 2003 to show Acadian communities that once existed in Colchester County.

Today, blue signs can be found at each location identifying the historic Acadian community name.